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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

Anyone played it yet? Thoughts? Opinions?

I ended up with a 100% completion on the first day! >.< Besides the blatant 'red-neck' feeling and the busty female character models, I'm thrilled it still plays a lot like the original game. That makes me even more excited about Dead Rising 2 later this month! :D
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In the recently released Capcom game, Lost Planet 2, Frank West is featured as a playable character. Frank was also previously in the Lost Planet: Colonies release.

Also, it is highly likely (practically on confirmed level) that Frank will be in Marvel vs Capcom 3. His silhouette can be found in this teaser image to the right of Chris Redfield.

Seems like Frank has been making a lot of cameos, huh? Well, in an interview with Destructoid, Capcom plans on putting Frank West in as many games as possible.

It'll be interesting to see what else he's shoved into. Resident Evil? Bionic Commando?

Top image from Famitsu
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Dead Rising news(-ish)

Got up early this morning to play L4D2's new DLC The Passing before work. Made a FANTASTIC discovery.

May I make one suggestion: Read the walls. There's one in particular that we would find amazing.

That's all I'm sayin'.